Ruggero Maria Santilli
The scientist who broadened Newton, Galileo and Einstein theories.

Newton, Galileo and Einstein theories solely apply for point particles in empty space. Prof. Santilli first achieved the only known reformulation of Newton, Galileo and Einstein theories for point-like antiparticles in vacuum thanks to his novel isodual mathematics; he then discovered the iso-, geno- and hyper-generalization of Newton, Galileo and Einstein theories for extended particles in interior dynamical conditions of increasing complexity thanks to his yet broader iso-, geno- and hyper-mathematics; and he then discovered the corresponding isodual formulations for interior antimatter problems, for a total of seven different generalizations. For an independent summary of about 30,000 pages over 50 years of research including contributions from numerous mathematicians, theoreticians, chemists, biologists and experimentalists, see the monograph
Profs. I. Gandzha and J. Kadeisvili, Mathematical, Physical and Chemical Discoveries of Ruggero Maria Santilli
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Prof. Santilli's French interview on the ongoing obscurantism in cosmology
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A view of Prof. Ruggero Maria Santilli, in June 2008, at age 73 (photo by the the Italian magazine QuattroRuote, reproduced under copyright authorization).


Prof. R. M. Santilli Curriculum

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Prof. Santilli Prizes and Nominations

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Ethical Probe of Einstein's Followers in the U.S.A.

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The crest of the Santilli family indicating in archaic Latin
"Light from Darkness."

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The R. M. Santilli Foundation (the "Santilli Foundation" hereon) is patterned along the life of the Italian-American scientist Ruggero Maria Santilli that has been dedicated to the pursuit of fundamental scientific advances, and the support of scientific ethics as a necessary condition for true basic advances.
The Santilli Foundation has secured a significant endowment from the following: corporations currently using the industrial processes discovered by Prof. Santilli; the Institute for Basic Research; and philanthropists who have understood the importance for mankind to contain the decay of scientific ethics.
The Santilli Foundation is governed by its Board of Directors comprising five distinguished scientists, administrators and philanthropists. The Board routinely seeks advice from outside scientists on specific issues. The responsibility of all actions by the Santilli Foundations rests with its Board. For pertinent inquiries on the Board, please contact its Chairman at board(at)santilli-foundation(dot)org.
Interested individuals from all walks of life, including scientists, educators, administrators, politicians and attorneys, are welcome to be members of the Santilli Foundation by contacting the Membership List Membership in the Santilli Foundations carries no responsibility, duty or cost of any type. Members of the Santilli Foundations are free, without obligation, to disclose their membership in their papers or other activities, but the Santilli Foundations assumes the obligation of not disclosing their membership unless authorized in writing. In particular, all electronic communications will be sent on with individual addresses without releasing email lists. For additional information, please contact Mrs. Dorte Zuckerman, General Secretary, email: zuckfam(at)aol(dot)com

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Research Grants
A primary aim of the Santilli Foundation is to provide financial support for mathematical, theoretical, experimental and industrial advances specifically and solely dealing with hadronic mathematics, mechanics and chemistry. Scientists from all over the world are welcome to apply for research funds irrespective of their race, religion or affiliation (if any). For more details, please visit Research Grants of the Santilli Foundation.
Scientific Ethics
In view of an unprecedented decay of scientific ethics afflicting and impacting all segments of our society, Prof. Santilli has repeatedly stated in his writings "No truly basic advancement of scientific knowledge is possible nowadays without a joint consideration of issues pertaining to scientific ethics and accountability." Another objective of the Santilli Foundation is the support of legal, political and/or other proper actions aiming at the containment of the decay of scientific ethics. Scientists, administrators and attorneys from all over the world are welcome to apply for financial support to file lawsuits against scientific misconduct. For more details, please visit Legal Grants of the Santilli Foundation.
Primary developments and important information related to the Santilli Foundation will be released from time to time in News of the Santilli Foundation.
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