July 15, 2012
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Part 1 for Matter
John Pace Director
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The Documentary outlines the mathematical, theoretical and experimental discoveries presented in the sessions on Matter Astrophysics by R. M. Santilli (Curriculum) and his group at the

San Marino Workshop on Astrophysics and Cosmology for Matter and Antimatter,
Republic of San Marino, September 5 to 9, 2011

The main outlined result is the experimental confirmation that the redness of DIRECT sunlight at sunset is due to a loss of energy by the entire spectrum of light to a cold gaseous medium in way proportional to the travel within the medium without any relative motion between the source, the medium and the observer (Santilli IsoRedShift - IRS), as technically presented in the main experimental references below [45-49].

These recent discoveries confirm Zwicky 1929 hypothesis that the cosmological redshift of galaxies is due to loss of energy by light to intergalactic media (Zwicky Tired Light), although not according to the originally proposed scattering mechanism, but according to Santilli mutation of spacetime caused by matter, today known as the Zwicky-Santilli effect.

Hence, the highlight of the 2011 San Marino Workshop for the sessions on Matter Astrophysics reviewed in the Documentary was the presentation of mathematical, theoretical and rather vast experimental evidence [45-49] dismissing the expansion of the universe, the acceleration of the expansion, the big bang, the expansion of space itself, dark matter and dark energy.

Then, according to the teaching of Galileo Galilei, the Documentary replaces these far reaching unverifiable conjectures with rigorous, numerically exact, mathematical representations and experimental verifications on Earth as a condition for serious scientific and financial accountability.

The Documentary dismisses the "absorption origin" of the redness of the sun at sunset as being purely political and non-scientific, since the absorption lines are characterized by the chemistry of the atmosphere. Therefore, the only possibility for a frequency shift via absorption would be to change the entire Earth atmosphere.

The Documentary also dismisses (by using an elegant language) the widely acclaimed "scattering origin" as being equally political and non-scientific on numerous counts, such as:

1) Double standard because rejecting the scattering origin for the cosmological redshift evidently to preserve Einstein doctrines throughout the universe, while accepting the scattering origin for the redness of the sun at sunset for the same unspoken political scheme;

2) Ignorable percentage of scattered light (about 10^-6 lumen) entering the long telescope used for the measurements of the IRS of DIRECT sunlight, thus preventing any credible scattering origin, while the absence in nature of the phantomatic "scattering along a straight line" (!!!) unmasks the intended scientific scam in its full reality;

3) Independent experimental dismissal of any frequency shift caused by scattering [48], thus confirming known corresponding astrophysical observations, while the widespread proffering of the scattering origin in the complete absence of any experimental evidence whatsoever seals the scientific corruption to maintain Einstein theories throughout the universe;

4) The color of the atmosphere at the horizon during daytime is blue, while it becomes red at sunset. But the sky is blue when the sun is at the zenith because redlight is known to be absorbed during the short vertical travel of about 60 miles. This evidence establishes the impossibility for redlight to reach us following the much longer travel of about 6,000 miles at sunset,. This confirms that the very redness of the atmosphere at the horizon at sunset is visual evidence of Santilli IRS, thus confirming the unspoken scheme without any visible scientific foundation to maintain Einstein theories under conditions never intended for, never verified and actually dismissed by direct experiments.

5) Santilli has provided a mathematically exact representation invariant over time (due to the covering Lorentz-Poincare'-Santilli isosymmetry) of the measured 200 nanometers of frequency shift occurring in the transition of sunlight from the zenith to the horizon (including a shift into the infrared). By contrast, the scattering conjecture is proffered without any quantitative representation whatsoever - none ! - of the frequency shift, let alone the lack of any experimental verification and let alone the experimental dismissals, thus establishing in my view that the scattering origin of the redness at sunset is indeed a scheme solely accepted without in depth scrutiny by inepts, accomplices or servants of the organized scientific crime on Einstein.

By recalling that all the mathematical, theoretical and experimental research herein outlined has been achieved via the sole use of private funds, Santilli ends the Documentary with a strong "request" to federal granting officers and the U. S. Congress to stop granting large public funds to cosmological conjectures that are extremely farfetched, purely motivated to serve organized interests on Einstein, incompatible with the very data they were supposed to represent, and dramatically disproved by systematic measurements on Earth.

The Documentary is recommended for viewing by all serious scholars who care about the dignity, let alone the leadership of America science in the world, and admit that the dismissal of "experiments" via conceptual "concoctions" - rather than than counter-measurements - is corruption.

The Documentary is not recommended to be viewed by crooks because they will be disturbed by the clarity in which their corruption is identified and by its sealing in history.



[45] R. M. Santilli, "Iso-Minkowskian Geometry For Interior Dynamical Problems," Contributed paper in Cosmology, Quantum Vacuum, and Zeta Functions, Diego Saez-Gomez, Sergei Odintsov Sebastia Xambo Editors, Springer, 2011

[46] R. M. Santilli, "Experimental Verifications of IsoRedShift with Possible Absence of Universe Expansion, Big Bang, Dark Matter, and Dark Energy," The Open Astronomy Journal {\bf 3}, 124 (2010),

[47] R. M. Santilli, "Experimental Verification of IsoRedShift and its Cosmological Implications," contributed paper to the {\it Proceedings of the International Conference on Numerical Analysis and Applied Mathematics,} Rhodes, Greece, September 19-25, 2010, T. E. Simos, Editor, American Institute of Physics Conference Proceedings Vol. 1281, pp. 882-885 (2010)

[48] G. West and G. Amato, "Experimental Confoirmation of Santilli's IsoRedShift and IsoBlueShift," contributed paper to the {\it Proceedings of the San Marino Workshop on Astrophysics and Cosmology for Matter and Antimatter,} Republic of San Marino, September 5 to 9, 2011, Journal of Computational Methods in Sciences and Engineering, Vol. 12, pages 169-188 (2012),

[49] R. M. Santilli, G. West and g. Amato. "Experimental Confirmation of the IsoRedShift at Sun at Sunset and Sunrise with Consequential Absence of Universe Expansion and Related Conjectures, " contributed paper to the 2011 San Marino Workshop in Astrophysics and Cosmology for Matter and Antimatter, Journal of Computational Methods in Sciences and Engineering, Vol. 12, pages 165-188 (2012).

Part 2 for AntiMatter
John Pace Director
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