February 16, 2014

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Pamela Fleming
Executive Secretary
The Institute for Basic Research
Palm Harbor, Florida
Web site:

1. The discovery.
Palm Harbor, Florida, February 18, 2014. The Institute for Basic Research (IBR) announces that antimatter galaxies, antimatter asteroids and antimatter cosmic rays have been apparently detected for the first time by the Italian-American scientist Ruggero Maria Santilli (Curriculum) via the use of a basically new telescope with concave lenses, hereon referred to as Santilli's telescope. The discovery was made at 10.30 pm of November 7, 2013, via views of the Vega region of the night sky from the Gulf Anclote Park, Holiday, Florida, GPS Coordinates: Latitude = 28.193, Longitude = -82.786, see Ref. [39]. This announcement has been delayed until three independent referees have reviewed and approved the paper in writing for publication in a refereed scientific journal that will be kept confidential until the paper appears in print due to interferences from organized interests on Einstein identified in Section 5 below. The announcement has been jointly made with the PRWeb Release

Figure 1. A structural view in the top left of a conventional, refractive Galileo's telescope with convex lenses for the focusing of light from matter-galaxies; a comparative view in the bottom left of the novel, refractive Santilli's telescope with concave lenses for the focusing of light from, antimatter-galaxies; and a view in the right of the parallel assembly of Galileo's and Santilli's telescopes used in measurements [39].

The pioneering measurements have been apparently confirmed by independent scientists [40] via the use of Santilli's telescope under the same conditions and location as those of Ref. [39]. Ref. [40] is also in print at an undisclosed scientific journals following detailed inspection and review by various referees. A second independent confirmation is under way with initial improvements of the equipment of Ref [39] for reporting at some future time.

Figure 2. A view in the left of a "streak" caused by a matter galaxy detected by Galileo's telescope with 15 seconds exposure, and a view in the right of a "streak" detected by Santilli's telescope with the same exposure in the same region of the sky, which streak does not exist in Galileo's telescope. As such, the streak of the right picture can only be due to light having a negative index of refraction, the sole possible origin being that of antimatter light. Note the parallelism and length of the matter and antimatter streaks confirming the the capability of a telescope with concave lenses to focus images caused by light that can only occur under a negative index of refraction.

2. Historical Notes
By following Ref. [39], Section 1, we recall that Newton's mechanics [1], Galileo's relativity [2] and Einstein's special [3] and general [4] relativities were conceived before the discovery of antimatter and, consequently, they have no provisions for the classical representation of neutral antimatter, since their only conjugation is the sign of the charge.

The rigorous prediction of antimatter was done by P. A. M. Dirac [5] in 1928 via the negative energy solutions of wave equations, and experimentally verified in 1933 by C. D. Anderson [6]. However, Dirac noted that particles with negative energy violate causality and, consequently, Dirac forced to represent antiparticles solely at the level of second quantization in his celebrated equation.

Figure 3. In addition to focused streaks of darkness, Santilli reported the detection with his telescope of numerous "circles of darkness" generally present anywhere in the night sky that can only be generated by an instantaneous event since occurring under 15 seconds exposure. Santilli suggests that these circles of darkness are originated by antimatter light originated by antimatter cosmic rays annihilating in our upper atmosphere. Additional mysterious images have been detected by Santilli, such as the image to the right which cannot be caused by antimatter galaxies since the image does not have the orientation and length needed under 15 seconds exposure and are not instantaneous. Santilli suggests that their origin may be due to small antimatter asteroids annihilating in our upper atmosphere.

A number of hypotheses were considered to resolve the causality problem of negative energy solutions, such as the old hypothesis that antimatter evolves backward in time (with a negative time) as apparently necessary to represent the annihilation of matter and antimatter when in contact with each other. However, Dirac is reported stating that this hypothesis does not solve the causality problem of negative energy solutions because the Minkowski line element is quadratic in time, thus admitting both motions forward and backward in time.

As a result of the inability by the Newtonian, Galilean and Einsteinian theories to provide a classical representation of neutral antimatter, and Dirac's restriction of the treating antimatter solely at the level of second quantization, it has been generally believed for about a century that antimatter does not exist in the large scale structure of the universe, and solely exists at the particle level when produced in our laboratories.

However, our planet has been devastated in the past by antimatter asteroids, such as the 1908 Tunguska explosion in Siberia that had the energy equivalent of one thousand Hiroshima atomic bombs, yet it left no crater or residue in the ground (that could be explained via an ice comet), and excited the entire Earth atmosphere for several days (that can only be explained via the annihilation of an antimatter asteroid in our atmosphere [7]). Similarly, astronauts and cosmonauts have routinely detected flashes of light in the upper dark side of Earth's atmosphere that can be best explained via antimatter cosmic rays annihilating at the first contact with our atmosphere [8]. Finally, large flashes of light in our upper atmosphere are routinely detected in various parts of our planet (see the websites of NASA, FERMILAB, CERN and other laboratories).

In summary, Santilli stresses that is sufficient evidence indicating that our planet could be hit again by a large antimatter asteroid, with consequential devastations on the grounds as well as the disruption of all civilian, industrial and military communications for days due to the excitation of our atmosphere.

It is evident that the physics community cannot responsibly address these risks without the conduction of systematic studies on antimatter primarily at the classical level evidently because antimatter asteroids cannot possibly be treated in second quantization. In turn, no such a study can be seriously conducted without surpassing Newtonian, Galilean and Einsteinian theories via formulations specifically conceived and constructed for the classical treatment of antimatter as a premise for the subsequent quantization. In view of all this, it is now necessary to openly denounce organize interests on Einstein for documented protracted obstructions for personal asocial gains of qualified research in the necessary surpassing of Einstein as a necessary condition to achieve the still unknown means of detecting antimatter asteroids before they annihilate in our atmosphere (section 5).

3. Santilli IsoDual Mathematics
Following again Ref. [39], Section 2, Santilli has been interested since his graduate studies at the University of Torino, Italy, in the mid-960s to ascertain whether a far away galaxy is made up of matter or of antimatter. Santilli soon learned that Newtonian, Galilean and Einsteinian theories had no value for the indicated problem since far away galaxies must be treated at the classical level and assumed to be neutral, in which case said theories had no distinction whatsoever between matter and antimatter.

For this reason, Santilli initiated a long journey that first required the identification of mathematical means for the consistent classical distinction between neutral matter and antimatter prior to any possible physical application. In this way, after years of searching for existing mathematics, Santilli discovered that a mathematics for the consistent classical treatment of neutral (or charged) antimatter did not exist and had to be built.

Figure 4. The prediction in the left of Santilli isodual physics that antimatter-light experiences a gravitational repulsion (antigravity) in a matter gravitational field, and the consequential prediction in the righty that antimatter light passing through a matter-medium has a negative index of refraction, thus requiring a concave lens for the focusing of its light.

Following the study of a number of alternatives, Santilli gave priority to the search for new numbers since all mathematics used in physics must be based on a numeric field as a condition for experimental verifications. In any case, all aspects of applied mathematics can be built on a given numeric field via simple compatibility arguments.

In 1993, Santilli [9] finally identified the desired new numbers under the name of isodual real, isodual complex and isodual quaternionic numbers, which verify the condition of being anti-isomorphic to the conventional real, complex and quaternionic numbers, respectively. Santilli suggested the word "isodual" to indicate a duality under the preservation of the conventional abstract axioms of numeric fields.

The crucial condition of anti-isomorphism was achieved via the anti-Hermitean conjugation indicated with the upper symbols d of all elements of a numeric field and all its operations. Given a field F(n,x,1) with elements n, m,..., conventional associative product nxm = nm and trivial unit 1, Santilli isodual fields are denoted Fd(ndddnegative basic unit

(1)      1d = -1 = - 1,

with isodual numbers nd = nx1d and isodual product ndxdmd = ndx(?1/1d)xmd = nxmx1d. By remembering that Santilli is a physicist, one should note that the isodual map, when applied in a Hilbert space over a conventional field, is charge conjugation. The novelty is that such a conjugation is applied to the most fundamental mathematical quantity, the basic unit. Applications to a Hilbert space are a mere detail.

Following the identification of the desired numbers, Santilli passed to the systematic construction of the isodual image of all main mathematics used for the study of matter, including functional analysis, differential calculus, metric spaces, Lie algebras, symmetries, Euclidean, Minkowskian and Riemannian geometries, etc. These isodual formulations were first presented in the mathematical memoir [10] and first treated systematically in monographs [11]. The resulting mathematics is today known as Santilli isodual mathematics. Independent mathematical reviews and advances can be found in Refs. [12-14].

It is important to indicate that isoduality is a new transformation not reducible to parity and/or other conventional transformations. We should also recall the new symmetry identified by the isodual mathematics, called isoselfduality [10,11], namely, the invariance under the isodual transformation, which is verified by the imaginary number i = id as well as by Dirac's equation.

Contrary to a possible perceptions of mathematical complexities, the isodual mathematics needed for applications can be constructed via the application of the anti-Hermitean map Q → Qd = -Q, provided it is applied to the totality of quantities and their operations used for the treatment of matter. Readers should be alerted that, in the absence of even one isodual map, there are inconsistencies that generally remain undetected to non-experts in the field.

Before appraising Santilli's first detected of antimatter galaxies in the universe, readers are suggested to meditate a moment on the differences between conventional and isodual mathematics. As an illustration, a checking account in the isodual world with $1M in the bank is in red because $1M is counted with respect to the basic unit $1sup>d = -$1 which is negative. Similar misrepresentations due to lack of technical knowledge occur at virtually all levels of study.

4. Santilli IsoDual Physics
By using again as a guideline Ref. [39], Section 4, after achieving mathematical maturity, and only thereafter, Santilli initiated systematic applications of isodual mathematics to the study of antimatter at the classical and operator levels as well for neutral or charged antimatter, resulting in the new theory today called Santilli isodual physics as one of the branches of the covering of quantum mechanics known as hadronic mechanics (on the latter see for brevity Refs. [11,22,32]).

A main feature of Santilli isodual physics is that all quantities that are positive (negative) for the study of matter become negative (positive) for the study of antimatter, with the clarification that, for the case of matter, all positive and negative quantities are referred to positive units of measurements, while for antimatter all negative and positive quantities are referred to negative units.

In particular, antimatter is predicted to have negative energy Ed = - E exactly as conceived by Dirac [5] and evolve along a negative time td = - t according to an old attempt to understand annihilation of matter and antimatter. Causality and other physical problems are resolved by the isodual mathematics, since negative quantities are measured in terms of negative units. Hence, thanks to Santilli isodual mathematics, antimatter having negative energy and evolving backward in time with respect to negative units of energy and time, respectively, is as causal as matter having positive energy and evolving forward in time with respect to positive units of energy and time, respectively [11,22,23].

The image under isoduality of the entirety of the formulations for matter including the isodual image of all quantities and all their operations, with no exclusion at all, is today known as Santilli's isodual physics for antimatter (see monographs [11,22] and independent works [12-14,25-32].

Ref. [10] (written in 1993) presented the first known formulation of Newton equation for classical, neutral antiparticles. Thanks to the isodual differential calculus first discovered by Santilli in Ref. [10], currently developed in great details by the mathematician S. Georgiev [38], the Newton- Santilli isodual equations for classical, neural or charged antiparticles can be written

(2)     mdxd dd vd/dddtd = Fd(td, rd, vd, ...),

and verify all known experimental data on classical antiparticles. Recall the fundamental character of Newton's equations for all of the 20th century physics for matter. It is then easy to see that the above Newton-Santilli isodual equations have a fundamental character for all of Santilli isodual physics for antimatter since all subsequent classical and operator formulations are constructed via mere compatibility arguments.

Recall that Newton had to first discover (with Leibniz) the differential calculus's a condition to formulate his celebrated equations. Along exactly the same lines, Santilli had to discover first a new differential calculus as a condition to achieve his classical equation for antiparticles. It should be also noted that the isodual formulation of Newton's equation is only one out of seven generalizations of Newton's equations, the remaining six being given by the iso-, geno- and hyper equations for extended bodies moving within [physical media and their isodual for antimatter bodies [11,22,23].

Ref. [11] (first edition in 1993 and second edition of 1995) provided a systematic presentation of the isodualities of Euclidean, Minkowskian and Riemannian geometries, Lie theory, rotational, Galilean, Lorentz and Poincare' symmetries, Galilean and special relativities, and other basic formulations. In particular, Refs. [11] presented the first known consistent representation of the gravitational field of an antimatter body via the Riemann-Santilli isodual geometry.

Ref. [15] of 1993 proposed a new isoselfdual cosmology (a cosmology verifying the new symmetry of isoselfduality as possessed by Dirac's equation) for equal amounts of matter and antimatter in the universe, in which case all total quantities of the universe, such as total time, total mass, total energy, etc., are identically null to avoid a discontinuity at creation and set up the basis for continuous creation.

Ref. [16] of 1994 confirmed the expected verification of the isodual theory with all particle data on antimatter since, at the operator level, isoduality is equivalent to charge conjugation by conception and construction. The main difference is that isoduality applies at all levels of treatment, beginning by conception at the classical level, while charge conjugation solely applies at the operator level. Another important difference is that isoduality maps our spacetime into the new isodual spacetime, while charge conjugation maps our spacetime into itself. It then follows that, according to isoduality, antimatter exists in a new spacetime, which is distinct yet coexisting with our own spacetime while, according to conventional views, antimatter exists jointly with matter in our spacetime.

` Ref. [17] of 1994 indicated the prediction of Santilli's isodual physics at all levels, of study including the Newton-Santilli, Minkowski-Santilli and Riemann-Santilli isodual formulations, that matter and antimatter experience gravitational repulsion (antigravity). Ref. [17] then proposed the measure of the gravity of positrons in horizontal flight in a supervacuum and supercooled 10 m long tube, which proposal has been independently appraised by experimentalists as being the most resolutory in the field [26,27].

Ref. [18] of 1997 presented technical aspects of Santilli isodual special relativity also studied in Refs. [11] with particular reference to the hidden verification of special relativity axioms under isoduality (due to the quadratic character of the Minkowskian line element), with the understanding that matter-antimatter interactions are structurally beyond the sole use of special relativity beginning at the classical level and then, expectedly, at the operator level because requiring the joint use of special relativity and its isodual.

Ref. [19] of 1997 applied all preceding knowledge to initiate the study of antimatter-light (the light emitted by antimatter), also called isodual light, resulting in a prediction of main character for the detection of antimatter galaxies according to which antimatter light is physically different than matter light in an experimentally verifiable way. Since the photon has no charge, the only possible conjugation is Santilli's isoduality for all other physical quantities.

As a result, antimatter light is predicted to possess negative energy while all other characteristics are opposite to those of matter light. In particular, antimatter-light is predicted to be repelled by matter-gravity (see Fig. 5), thus permitting the conception of experiments, e.g. via neutron interferometry, to verify whether one of the two photons emitted in electron-positron annihilation experiences repulsion in our gravitational field.

Ref. [20] of 1998 presented an isotopic unification of Minkowskian and Riemannian geometries for matter (namely, their unification into a single geometry and their differentiation via the generalized unit). Ref. [20] then presented their isodualities for point-like antimatter in vacuum (exterior dynamical conditions) as well as for extended antimatter bodies moving within physical media (interior dynamical conditions).

Ref. [21] of 1999 confirmed that isodual mathematics does indeed permit a consistent classical representation of charged or neutral antimatter at the Newtonian, Minkowskian and Riemannian levels in a way compatible with all available classical experimental data on antimatter.

Ref. [23] of 2006 presented a comprehensive study of antimatter in irreversible conditions at the classical and operator levels achieved via Santilli Lie-admissible covering of Lie formulations.

Monograph [22] of 2006 presented a comprehensive study of isodual mathematics and its application to antimatter, including one of the only known grand unification of electroweak and gravitational interactions with the inclusion of antimatter at the gravitational level in a way parallel to the treatment of antimatter in electroweak interactions. Ref.[22] also indicated the prediction of a causal spacetime machine and the need for isoduality to represent all four directions of time existing in nature, namely, motion forward to future time t and forward from past time -t, as well as motion backward in past time td and from future time - td.

Ref. [24] of 2012 addressed the open problem of the detection of antimatter asteroids and presented the first known hypothesis that antimatter light possesses a negative index of refraction nd = - n when propagating within a transparent matter-medium. Again, the consistent characterization of neutral antimatter requires the conjugation of all quantities with no exclusion to avoid catastrophic inconsistencies. This implies the necessary conjugation of the index of refraction into a negative value referred to our positive units of measurements since it is observed in our matter-world (see Fig. 4).

An important implication of Santilli isodual physics is the clarification that the conventional Dirac equation characterizes the tensorial product of one point-like particle with spin 1/2 and its antiparticle without any need for second quantization (see Sect. 2.3.6 of Ref. [22]). In essence, Santilli never accepted the conventional 20th century view that Dirac's equations represents only one particle with spin 1/2 because, in his words, "There exists no irreducible or reducible representation of the SU(2)-spin symmetry with the structure of Dirac's gamma matrices." Therefore, Santilli re-inspected Dirac's equation and showed that

(3)     γk = σkx&sigmadk = &gammadk,    γ4 = Diag.(I2x2, I2x2d) = γd4

which properties establish the indicated characterization by the conventional Dirac's equation of a spin 1/2 particle and its antiparticle.

In his genius, Dirac himself provided the true foundation of Santilli;s isodual theory of antimatter by characterizing antiparticles with the negative unit - I2x2. Dirac merely missed Santilli;s mathematics for the consistent physical treatment of negative energies. Note that there is no contradiction for a representation of antiparticle at the quantum mechanical level because Santilli's isodual theory of antiparticles applies at the classical level, let alone that of first quantization.

Asa additional contributions we report: Ref. [25[ by J. Dunning Davies on the first known thermodynamics of antimatter stars; Ref. [28] by the mathematician B. Davvaz et al. on the representation of the coexistence of matter and antimatter in physically distinct spaces via "multi-valued" hyperstructure, thus preserving the (3+1)-dimensionally of spacetime; Refs. [29,30] on pioneering studies by A. Bhalekar on the origination of thermodynamics at the level of mechanics; and on the need for Santilli isoduality to represent all directions of time; while the 750 page long monograph [32] by I. Gandzha and (the late) J. V. Kadeisvili presents a general view of the seven structural generalizations by Santilli of Newtonian, Galilean and Einsteinian formulations.

5. Conclusions
Santilli's isodual physics at large, its mathematical beauty, its verification of all available experimental data on antimatter, its potentially historical confirmation with the first detection of antimatter galaxies [39,40], and its prediction of antigravity, causal spacetime machine and other far reaching scientific advances, signal a new era in physics with the termination of the adaptation of all of antimatter research to Einstein theories for the personal gains of organized interests on Einstein, and the initiation of serious studies for much needed basic advances in antimatter. This means that potentially half of the universe has now been removed from the political control by organized interests on Einstein.

Additionally, the far fetched conjecture of the expansion of the universe as been imposed for about one century of scientific scams by organized interests on Einstein via the abuse of their academic credibility to discredit opposing views in order to maintain the validity of Einstein theories throughout the universe for their personal gains with no respect whatsoever for human knowledge (see Wikipedia's dishonest dubbing as "fringe" the experimentally verifiable 1929 Zwicky hypothesis of light losing energy to intergalactic media - as it happen in our atmosphere .... - without any need for the expansion of the universe). Edwin Hubble, Fritz Zwicky, Nobel Laureates Louis de Broglie. Enrico Fermi and others died without accepting the expansion of the universe because its inherent acceleration is necessarily radial in all directions from Earth, thus implying a necessary return to the Middle Ages with Earth at the center of the universe, and other inconsistencies that cannot be decently removed via additional unverifiable conjectures. Santilli has honored the memory of Edwin Hubble, Fritz Zwicky, Nobel Laureates Louis de Broglie. Enrico Fermi and others by establishing conceptually, mathematically and experimentally the inconsistencies of the far fetched conjecture of the expansion and acceleration of the universe, and by confirmed experimentally Zwicky's hypothesis, although via a new atomic (rather than molecular) mechanism of absorption of light (see: the most recent independent experimental verifications [41] and vast literature quoted therein; Prof. Santilli's French Interviewon the ongoing obscurantism in cosmology; and the press releases at the end of the references).

Consequently, Santilli's conceptual, mathematical, theoretical and experimental advances have eliminated the control of cosmology by organized interests on Einstein for their personal gains against the interest of mankind for basic advances, since Einstein's theories cannot any longer be credibly used for the large scale structure of the universe for both matter and antimatter without the dismissal of Santilli's discoveries, not via the dishonest use of academic credibility to discredit opposing evidence, but via publications in refereed journal as a necessary condition for the legally correct use of public funds.

Since organized interests on Einstein have notoriously opposed Santilli's research with real acts of sheer dishonesty and scientific gangsterism, it bis time to denounce them publicly as a condition for the United Stated of America to regain a minimum of international scientific credibility, rather than maintaining the current widespread international perception of America being a servant of dishonest scientific scams on Einstein (for documentary evidence, one can visit the website and numerous other websites quoted therein or easily identifiable via an internet search).

This public denunciation is now mandatory because of the open problem of the detection of antimatter asteroids before they annihilate in our atmosphere (Fig. 5) that constitute a real threat to the security of the United States of America as well as of other countries. Since organized interests on Einstein have documentedly opposed for decades professional and highly qualified research on the limitations of Einstein's theories, and actually have perpetrated incredible acts of scientific gangsterism to prevent their publication in refereed journals ( said dishonest organized interest on Einstein are now endangering our lives and our countries because, as the most corrupt physicist is expected to admit, antimatter asteroids cannot be studies with old Einsteinian theories since they need a classical representation of neutral antimatter which is notoriously impossible for Einstein's theories.

Figure 5. Astronauts and cosmonauts, as well as Santilli, have detected antimatter asteroids annihilating at the contact with our atmosphere. However, the detection of antimatter asteroids "before" reaching our atmosphere is basically unknown at this writing due to the absence of any optics for antimatter light and the lack of knowledge whether light from our Sun is refracted or absorbed by an antimatter asteroids. Therefore, the widespread obstructions by organized interests on Einstein against the surpassing of Einstein's theories for the study of antimatter asteroids, obstructions perpetrated via the abuse of academic credibility to discredit undesired advances (visit are endangering our lives and our countriesScientific Ethics).

Therefore, I hereby request the intervention of the Attorney General, members of the U. S. Congress, as well as other responsible officers of the United States ofAmerica to: investigate the legality of the current use of public funds by the Department of Energy and the National Science Foundation on research based on the current mandate of compatibility with Einstein's theory; prosecute recipients of public funds violating federal laws; and implement external independent committees on ethics and accountability for the monitoring of funds released by the Department of Energy and the National Science Foundation in research based on Einstein's theories. We have no interest in the acceptance of new physics by Einstein fanatics since corrupt physicists will never admit the evidence. We call the authorities to intervene to stop their decades of interferences and obstructions in the surpassing of the now old Einstein theories and to stop the misuse of billions of dollars of taxpayer money

Our Country is financially bankrupt because of the excessive tolerance of these and other abuses. As Prof. Santilli has stated various times: The only way for our Country to resolve the current astronomical deficit is to develop new technologies since all existing technologies are manifestly stagnant; and the only way to develop new technologies is by surpassing Einstein's theories, not for the conditions of their original conceptions, but for broader conditions non-existing during Einstein times. Therefore, all organized obstructions against the surpassing of Einstein theories for the indicated novel conditions, as experienced by myself and several other scientists, are indeed scientific crimes against mankind that have to be treated as such by all true Americans to qualify as such.

As President of The Institute for Basic Research I am responsible for the content of this message and I can be reached at the email: RMS

Pamela Fleming
Executive Secretary
The Institute for Basic Research
Palm Harbor, Florida
Web site:

The Institute for Basic Research has hired a National Law Firm for the filing of legal action against universities and their administrators whenever their uncontrolled dishonest employees continue their disruption of privately funded research in the surpassing of Einstein's theories under their credibility, as well as whenever there is the continuation of the abuse of large public funds on experimentally disproved far fetched hyperbolic concoctions without the disproof of their dismissal in refereed journals, as documented for over forty years in the web site and numerous others.


IsoDifferential Calculus, IsoDynamical Systems and their Applications
Session ss56 of the
American Institute of Mathematical Sciences, Madrid, Spain, July 7 to 11, 2014
Organizers: S. Georgiev, C. Corda, and A. A. Bhalekar


International Workshop on
Santilli mathematics and their applications

to be held at the
2014 ICNPA Congress: Mathematical Problems in Engineering, Aerospace and Sciences,
July 15-18,2014, Narvik Universitry, Norway.
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Fifth International Workshop on Santilli's Iso-, Geno-, and Hyper-Mathematics
Organizers: A. Bhalekar (India), C. Corda (Italy), and T. Vougiouklis (Greece)
Session 108 of the ICNAAM meetings in Rhodes, Greece, September 22 to 216, 2014


Third International Workshop on Antimatter Astrophysics
Organizers: A. Bhalekar (India), C. Corda (Italy), and T. Vougiouklis (Greece)
Session 109 of the ICNAAM Meetings in Rhodes, Greece, September 22 to 26, 2014


First International Workshop on on Nuclear Fusions Without Harmful Radiations
Organizers: A. Bhalekar (India), C. Corda (Italy), and T. Vougiouklis (Greece)
Session 110 of the ICNAAM meetings in Rhodes, Greece, September 22 to 26, 2014


Second International Conference on Hadronic Chemistry and its applications
Department of Chemistry, R. T. M. Nagpur University, India
under organization for November 2014.


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Santilli's Invariant Derivation of Hubble's Law Without Expansion of the Universe
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Lack of Expansion of the Universe has been Confirmed from Space
Lack of Expansion of the Universe Confirmed at Five Scientific Meetings
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Letter of Prof. R. M. Santilli to Prof. P. Rowlands on the ongoing obscurantism in cosmology
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